2. San Jose Sharpedo… finally.



  4. Winnipeg Jets Throwback


  5. Seattle Pidgeahawks


  6. benjamagnus:

    The crew - now available as phone cases and prints on:



    New stuff I’ve been working on.


  7. Super Puck Bros.


  8. turkofgallifrey said: a) for the san jose sharks, sharpedo or even carvanha, and b) Do you sell any products with your logos on them? Ive always liked NHL logos, especially the Canucks, but your version with Kyogre is the coolest! If you sold them, id definately buy a hat

    Thanks for the ideas on SJ!

    Bad news. I would love to continue selling these, but the NHL has very politely requested their removal, and I intend on honouring that.


  9. crosberle said: Just wanted to let you know that yesterday in my graphic arts class we were discussing remaking sports logos and I brought your nhl Pokemon ones up and the teacher projected them on to the screen for the whole class to see and everyone was ooooing and ahhhing about them and thought they were great! Thought you'd like to hear that :)

    That’s actually amazing!!!  Thanks for the love, friend!


  10. NHL Pokemon update

    Hey all,

    I’d like to thank you for your support over the past month. You guys have given me some great ideas and perspective for new logos!

    That being said, I’m back at school for the time being, making it pretty hard to pump these out at the same rate as I did in August.

    I promise there are more in the works (vintage Jets, aztec Coyotes, current Islanders, and Sharks), but for the meantime, sit tight and keep all of your ideas coming!

    Hockey’s just around the corner.


  11. da-quikionary said: If you still want to make a San Jose logo why not use a Dragon pokemon like Rayquaza or Haxorus?

    Thats a great idea. I’m thinking more and more that dragon would be the only way to go, though I am leaning towards Garchomp.

    Any preference from sharks fans out there?


  12. mightyenapup said: Saw these logos a couple weeks ago and I just love them! I'm really sad I didn't get a shirt in time. For a current Islanders logo, I suggest using one of the region maps instead of a pokemon. Just an idea. :3

    Never even crossed my mind. Very awesome idea!!


  13. rubburtofu said: Hey, do you ever plan on doing a Puckémon for the current Islanders logo? Also, I was looking for an Islanders wallpaper but I can't seem to find it in the album. Fantastic job on these by the way!

    I would have rather done the current Islanders logo, but there’s not a lot to work with when trying to find a Pokémon counterpart.  Hopefully I can make something work!

    Also, thanks.  I totally missed the Islanders with the wallpapers.  Not intentional! Here ya go, I’ll add some mobile ones soon:



  14. thejetageoftomorrow said: you've gotta do something with the old phoenix logo please !

    Funny you say that, I’ve got it open in Illustrator right now.

    Grew up with that logo, and love it to death.  Stay tuned!


  15. aussied said: This blog is amazing. You have just brought intense amounts of joy into my life. Great job! Keep it up!

    Oh, you!

    Thanks for the shout. Keep up your art, you’re very talented!